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Welcome to African Junction. This website is an online e-showroom  where African business owners can showcase their businesses. It is also a place where consumers of African goods and services Australia-wide  will be able to find African products and services here in Australia.

The featured area above shows some goods and services currently listed here at African Junction. The goods and services featured in the area above will be updated as new vendors join the African Junction Community.

So How Will African Junction Help You?

The simple answer to the question above is that, it will save you plenty of time that will be otherwise wasted when you keep jumping from one directory to another searching for African goods or services.

The continent of Africa is vast and filled with people from different cultural backgrounds.

You can easily catch a glimpse of these diversification when you look at African arts and culture, the traditional African foods, the music, fashion items and much more.

Here in Australia there are so many African goods and services, but the problem is that they are scattered all over the place. This makes it difficult for someone to find them when they come searching.

At African Junction we seek to pull all the different African goods and service providers into one central location so that when you start looking for any thing African you will easily find.

Our hope is that you will also enjoy and get to experience the rich cultural diversification of the African people.

Here at African Junction you will find:

Vendors of traditional African instruments, African drummers or African performers who are currently offering African drumming lessons and workshops or if you want to buy African drums, you will also be able to find African drums for sale.

Vendors of African arts and crafts selling things like African masks, African sculptures, beaded items and other cultural items.

Vendors of African food items. So if you are looking for African foods, African food recipes or even African restaurants you will be able to find them as we continue to pull these vendors into African junction.

Are you interested in African clothing and fashion, if yes then you are certainly in the right place as you will also be able to find African textiles vendors and also African fashion designers (as they climb on board).

You can also find African hairdressers and even merchants supplying the different African hair products (African hair extensions, African hair relaxers, African hair wigs, and human hair extensions)

And much much more.

Just go ahead and choose your state in the menu system above then use the goods/services tabs in the menu system that follows to find what you need.

Note: African Junction is divided into eight different sections as there are six states and two territories in Australia. It was done this way so that you can easily find something local to you.

There is no point searching for a hairdresser in Melbourne and finding hairdressers in Adelaide.

So to easily find things in your state you should visit the African Junction section for your state. And if you are looking for something from other states and territories, then you should also do well to visit those sections too.

We wish you well and hope you will have a nice and pleasant surfing experience here at African Junction.